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GPS tracker, tracking for person, pet pedestrians and so on

Postby cindyliu0822 » Tue Dec 08, 2009 10:17 am

No needed Server construction
The device build in map, You can get the position map via MMS, so you don’t need server construction.
• Get the position information via SMS/MMS/Voice
With this function, the authorized person can know the geographic coordinates, location, speed, direction, and other related information of his loved one or car, anytime in any place. The report method can be via SMS. You can also make selection between one time report, and continuous report (tracking function).
• Bi-Direction Phone Conversation Function
press the “Pick-Up/ Hang-Up” button to start the conversation. You can also dial out to the preset 2 phone numbers for 2-way phone conversation.
• SOS Emergency Help Call Function
When your loved one presses the SOS emergency help button, the device will immediately send a SMS short-message to the preset phone number.
• Geo-fence (Park) Function
This device comes with a unique geo-fence function which can be used to report to the parents or the preset persons or the control centers when the person/ object are out of the predefined area. It is ideal for children/ elders' security, field trips, law enforcement, and asset monitoring...
• Voice Monitoring Function
You can monitor the situation of your loved one remotely from mobile phone by sending a SMS command code to this device, w/o interfering the person. With this real-time surveillance function, you can monitor the situation of your loved one and/ or your vehicle, live & real-time.

If interested in it and want to know more info, please e-mail to

Have a nice day!
Cindy liu
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Have a nice day!
Cindy liu

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