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need help

Postby wolverine » Tue Jan 19, 2010 7:53 pm

hello everyone, is a great source of information.Special thanks to mike and his team for sharing this project.
i want to do this as a fun project but would like to have some doubts cleared before starting.

Will it work with other gps modules?got hold of a GPS module that uses the GR10/MN1010 GPS module in conjunction with a GPS chip antenna and a SMA661AS 18dB LNA from ST Electronics. It has only 3 connections: VCC, ground and a TX line. Power for the board is from a single 3.5V-6V source and the unit will output NMEA serial sentences containing all the GPS data (location, satellites in view, altitude, time, speed, heading, etc).

Secondly i didn't understand the transmitting do u interface it with a mobile?can it be interfaced with any mobile?As far as i know mobiles have no input ports(except for charging and usb connectors),then how does it receive data from the micro controller?

On the components list 2 microcontrollers,10 0.1micro farad capacitors and some other components with the required quantities are mentioned.But the build process mentions use of only one microcontroller and one 0.1 micro farad capacitor.Why are extra quantities of components mentioned in the list?

Please pardon me if my queries are silly.
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Re: need help

Postby Mike » Sun Feb 07, 2010 10:40 pm

That GPS module sounds like it will work. Most NMEA modules will. What is its baud rate?
If you want to lend it to me I will check it out for you. For a 3.5 - 6 volt range, you could run on unregulated 4.5 volt battery power. The MCU is good up to 5 volts.

The C168I mobile happens to have a serial port on its headset jack. Most phones do not.

Extra parts are included as spares, for troubleshooting, or in case you want to build something else. You really only need to order one, but they are cheap and useful. Three people have destroyed voltage regulators, and one fried his microcontroller. That unit was hard to debug, because the MCU ran but one of the inputs was dead. Swapping in a spare revealed the problem.

Sometimes parts become unavailable for a while; for example, right now I cannot get an ATMEGA328P anywhere. Fortunately I have some around.
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