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Ordering parts

Postby PGL » Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:32 pm

Okay, pardon if this was somewhere else on the forum and I missed it. I did do a search for "Aarlogic" and nothing was returned that was along the same question.

I am at the point where I am ready to order the parts. I was looking at folling along build19 and using the Aarlogic GPS 3A and Telit GC864 and saw they are both available via roundsolutions.com; however, they are apparently in Europe. I was wondering what experiences people have had ordering from them? I will admit I am just a tad nervous dealing with some company overseas in regard to the credit card order and shipping. I don't mean to imply they may be shifty, their process seems straightforward, etc, I just have done any order like that before.

I did find the Telit GC864 at Arrownac.com and the Vincotech GPS is available via Mouser. The Vincotech GPS was in the parts list for the Open GPS Tracker, but I can't tell for sure if the picture of the circuit is a Vincotech or a Aarlogic (looks like the later). I was hoping to follow build19 as closely as possible since I have board designed based on it, but I can change it since I haven't had it made yet.

So does anyone have experiences they want to share about their order with Round Solutions? Is it as straightforward as their website makes it seem? which method of ordering did you use?, etc.

Thank you
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